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Video Intercom for your Front Door

Before You Open the Door-See Who’s There

The latest and greatest home security camera device will be the video door telephone. See who knocks at your front as well as the back entrance with no unbolting of a door. Who wouldn’t want this sort of control over exactly who comes and is going? Peep-holes and adjacent windows might not allow you complete unobstructed view on your home’s entryway–that’s a home security and safety risk. Also consider children – using a video intercom they wont have’ to open the door to unknown people or possible burglars.

Video door phones may also be called video intercoms, two-way doorphones, and security video door announcers. These terms may all be taken interchangeably to describe these gadgets.

How Video Doorway Phones Work

The idea powering a video entrance phone or intercom is pretty obvious: greet a guest from the security and safety of your house, identify who it really is, what purpose she or he has, and make the well-informed decision to open the door or deny access. When a visitor gets to your door she or he may push the intercom or doorbell, which activates your intercom. From a base station in your house you are alerted about the visitor. Traditional intercoms simply allowed you two-way sound communication, but modern video-phones add a video graphic, giving you a lot more security flexibility.

Video door phones could also be used at entrance gates that may be well out of ones view.

Types of Safety Video Intercoms

These devices are manufactured in a number of model types and they are fitted with almost the same basic features. However, prices go upwards as more functions are added:

  • Recordable or memory enabled devices save video and audio if you’re away
  • Tamper-proof and vandal-proof models are ideal for security purposes
  • Daytime and night time video capabilities
  • Surface mount or even flush-mount systems
  • Video images in monochrome or color with various screen resolutions
  • Handsfree units provide another attractive function
  • Standalone or multi-station as well as multi-monitor video intercom devices.

Installation and Price for Home Video Intercom Systems

Simple units composed of an intercom video unit and primary base station are simple enough to self-install. If you’re thinking about a multi-intercom, multi-station unit you might want to hire a company that concentrates on security installations. This ensures your current wiring is right and that the system operates to specifications.

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