Security Products

Types of Home security systems and Products

Components of House Alarm and Security Systems

When you wish to create or purchase a home security system you need to first understand the many components and devices And also the functions they accomplish so you are ready to make a knowledgeable buying decision. But home security is concerning much more than money, isn’t it?

You can evaluate home security systems, burglar alarms and also the various devices and components in several ways:

  • Real working products versus fakes or dummies
  • High-end versus low-end
  • Resistance/deterrents versus screens and detectors
  • Standalone or centrally monitored alarms
  • Wireless or hardwired
  • Motion versus breach-activated
  • Intrusion versus safety/hazard
  • Interior, exterior and perimeter security devices

A comprehensive home security system includes products and safety products that may be included under several of the earlier mentioned categories. For example: it would be considered a critical mistake to simply use a few interior movement detectors unless you’ve previously installed some security devices on the perimeter. Take every opportunity to deter and withstand an intruder BEFORE he gets inside. See? So try to imagine the features and purposes of the various devices and why your home security system must incorporate more than one of each type to finish a trustworthy as well as sensible security and alarm system for your house.

Security Devices which Safeguard the “Perimeter” of your house

What do you consider the perimeter of your house?

  • Walls that separate “outside” from “inside”?
  • The edges of the property or house lines?

Do you want to allow intruders on your property, invite them right up to the exterior windows and doors of your house, or would you rather stop these individuals before they even emerged from the dark edges of the yard or stepped from the sidewalk?

Perimeter devices consist of:

  • Window and door sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Outdoor security sirens
  • Motion-activated floodlights
  • Vandal-proof door locking systems
  • Security doors as well as windows
  • Security bars
  • Security cameras as well as gate intercoms
  • Security gates along with fences

Where you in the end “see” your perimeter determines where you intend to place home security devices.

Interior Security Gadgets

Intrusion devices mean that someone has by now breached your perimeter and if you have properly installed and also functional perimeter devices then your system should be in alarm mode-sirens sound, lights flashing and in the case of a centrally supervised system, police enroute. So what’s the purpose? Collect and transmit more info to your security alarm company and authorities or, to provide back up in the event that intruders have bypassed your perimeter system.

Interior security gadgets include:

  • Home safe
  • Security lights
  • Motion detectors

Interior Safety Gadgets

Safety devices can be configured included in a whole home security system or as being a standalone system.

Interior safety gadgets include:

  • Hearing impaired gadgets
  • Heat detectors
  • Flood detectors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Fire alarms
  • Smoke alarms as well as detectors

Security Devices that Help Deter Burglars and Intruders

A key strategy within a well thought-out home security plan is prevention devices. In most instances these components are usually low-tech, low cost additions that will make a huge difference:

  • Exterior security signs
  • Interior light timers
  • Motion-activated flood lights

Explore this manual to security system devices and use it as a way to understand the way you must piece together an elementary or sophisticated home security system.


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