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On April 26, 2012
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CPI Home security Systems

Designed, Installed and Checked

In an industry where a handful of popular security companies stick out, CPI continues to put itself apart having a commitment to scalable and customizable home security packages. In fact the corporation widely boasts it handles all issues with its home security, from system layout to installation and lastly to alarm monitoring-all of it CPI.

CPI Home Security Packages

CPI packages are generally straightforward residential protection solutions:

  • Standard home package includes a set of keypads, a limited quantity of door sensors, a two-way speaker/intercom, a fire alarm system, motion detector as well as exterior signage.
  • Deluxe package includes all of the above, plus more entrance sensors, multiple 2-way speaker/intercoms, window sensors, multiple fire sensors, and extra movement detectors.
  • Premium package includes everything within the Standard and Deluxe packages, plus even additional door and window sensors, carbon monoxide detector along with a zone “expander. ”

CPI maintains the fact that its stellar response time is a result of the inclusion of the two way speaker/intercoms that come standard with each and every home installation. This type of communication device provides you with immediate and hands-free connection with a trained CPI checking technician who discovers right away what’s happening and gets the proper authorities engaged and also enroute.

Alarm Monitoring

CPI is specialized in delivering the absolute best in the industry even if it’s only a local company. The company’s private alarm monitoring center is believed to deliver “the fastest” response turnaround whenever your home security system will be compromised. That’s an essential metric. Don’t seconds count when your house is being broken in, especially if you or a family member is at the house?

CPI Intercom Devices

CPI includes two-way hands-free speaker/intercoms with every home installment. You don’t need to be right in front of the main keypad or even near a phone to contact CPI emergency professionals.

But the company also provides a full-range of customizable intercom as well as two-way speaker connection solutions that resolve convenience problems AND make your house safer. Install intercom devices inside and outside your property and keep the doors locked as you talk to guests and strangers outside a front entrance or doorway.

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  1. Nedra Needles had this to say about that:

    I agree the home intercom is a fabulos product. In home intercom systems are equiped with entertainment and communication stations, hands free color video surveillance security cameras, baby monitor intercoms and many more options and capabilities.

    • Mohammad had this to say about that:

      Home Securities does make the life of a person more safer and toseinn free. Nowadays home security systems are growing popularity and due to its high level of efficiency and efectiveness. Having a home security system is equal to having a second layer of protection.

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