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On June 30, 2012
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I was at Home Depot earlier this week buying several supplies for the fall prevention task I was completing when I discovered an older couple taking a look at the assortment of bath accessories located directly near to home safety, which, of course, includes decorative grab bars. The couple is probably in their seventies, and I happened to overhear these people discussing their restroom renovation project. They seemed very interested with all the outcome of their own bathroom renovation, coordinating the accessories with all the fixtures they select making sure the contractor should have what he requires. At first, I think, this is excellent! They are precisely the profile we as professionals expect. They recognize the value of fall danger prevention and house safety for senior citizens.

As a couple of minutes passed, I came to understand something very distinct. They did not once look at the accessories in house safety! They were probably the most concerned that the actual towel bars matched up the faucet which matched the shower fixtures and so forth. Who was leading them? Did their contractor take time to educate them about the critical issues all around personal safety within the bathroom? Have we as professionals, so concerned with fall risk avoidance, done a adequate job educating the customer? Do manufacturers of bathroom products really focus on the importance of home safety? Do we all imagine we will never be the one to slip?


I could definitely not, with good conscience, stand by and say nothing! I quietly presented myself, explained what I actually do, and pointed the decorative grab bars as being an option to bath towel bars, and why that could be very helpful. They really didn’t seem to understand much about restroom safety or some thing as simple as that decorative grab bars might be used as an alternative to towel bars. Our exchange had been very short, so I can’t really share the end result. I can only hope that in case I helped one couple become mor aware of what they are able to do to be safer in the home that I have done an excellent job.

If you are intending to renovate yout bathroom or are worried about fall danger prevention, here are a few simple home safety tips that may help…

• Apply skid resistant solution to the bathroom flooring, shower floor as well as the tub.

• Install ornamental grab bars or even security pole close to the toilet and bathtub.

• Have shower and tub chairs readily available.

• Install the ‘Comfort Height’ lavatory.

• Install the lever style faucet.

• Set hot water heater at 120 degrees or less to prevent scalding.

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