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On February 10, 2015
Last modified:February 10, 2015


1-4 Weeks:

. I noticed some good consistent fat loss. I also saw my strength levels go up around 10% on my big compound lifts such as bench press and deadlifts – which I did not expect.

If you want to take your physique to a whole new level order from right away, you won’t regret it!

. My energy levels were very high, pretty much immediately after I started my supplementation. This increased arousal encourages further calorie expenditure, helping you burn even more fat. In the first 4 weeks I would guess that I lost 4% of body fat.

4-8 Weeks:

. Considering the more fat you lose on a cut, the harder it is to keep burning fat at the same pace – this worked out completely the opposite. My theory of cycling for 8 weeks instead of 4 really worked and fat loss turbocharged in these final 4 weeks (even more so than in the first 4 weeks).

. My strength stayed the same and didn’t continue to increase beyond +10%.

. There was a drastic change in abdominal body fat. Six pack lines were getting more visible and deeper. Whilst my intercostal muscles (the finger-like ones at the sides) really started to become more visible.


. I waved goodbye to my pot belly and said hello to ripped six pack abs.

. My smooth fat muscles became hard and chiseled – revealing maximum muscle definition

. I retained all of my muscle mass and even added 10% of total weight to bench press and deadlift exercises.


. Crazy Bulk only have 9 different steroids, which is okay; but it would be great if they could extend their range.

. When they first launched popular steroids like Clenbuterol and Anavar would go out of stock. Then you have to pre order before a new batch comes in. However, to be fair this rarely ever happens any more and was probably a stock issue when they first launched.

crazybulk-bannerOverall Verdict

55555 (5/5)

My transformation just says it all. 8 weeks of Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack has helped me get the most ripped I’ve ever been in my whole life. They not only have the cheapest steroids on the market; but also the most powerful. They also come with very little (if any) side effects. Increased aggression in the gym and stimulated energy all day was the main  behavioral changes I noticed.


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